Spread your light!
8 nights 8 gifts
You can win a valuable gift-card or prize just by lighting your menorah each night of Chanukah
post a selfie of you lighting the Menorah on Facebook, tag the Chabad House - Jewish Center and you'll be entered into the daily raffle!
(Details below)
It's simple!   and There's no charge!


  • Light a menorah
    (using a flame - electric menorah isn't counted!)
  • Take a selfie
    (while lighting the menorah or after it's lit.)
  • Post the selfie on Facebook before noon the next day.
  • Tag Chabad.
    You may need to "like" Chabad first at:  Facebook.com/MyChabad.)
  • You can enter the raffle each day.
  • No limit to how many days you can join... or win.
  • Gifta are coming from stores like Best Buy, Starbucks, Lowes, Stop and Shop etc.