we count on people like you!

Your generous dedication is the financial assistance needed to keep up this invaluable community center.

Your donation to the Building Fund will support, celebrate and sustain our faith and culture in the MetroWest-South area.
We thank you from the depths of our heart for your attention, energy and contribution to this very worthy cause.
You can either make an any-amount donation, or choose to dedicate a section of the Jewish Center in honor of yourself, a friend, a relative or a dear departed loved one. A plaque can be installed at the location of your dedication. Payment plans are available for dedications.

  • To dedicate a section, click on the check box next to your dedication choice. (If there's no check box, that opportunity has already been taken.) 
  • To pledge an amount without a dedication, just jump to the "pledge section" below.


Dedication Opportunities

 Jewish Life Center

Building Dedication
$120,000 (Kahn)


Aron Kodesh
$36,000  (Armin)

Bima/Torah Table
$15,000  (Lamb)

Chazzan's Podium
$10,000  (YBS)

Rabbi's Podium
$7,700 (Lamb)

Wash Station (2)
$6,000 each

Children's Play Area $20,000

Memorial Board
$10,000 (Goldberg)


Library Dedication
$36,000   (SBY)

Kitchen Facility

Kiddush Area

Classroom (2)
$28,000 each

Mezuzah (main or Shul) $7,700

Mezuzahs (5)
$5,000 (2 Reserved)


Parking Lot

Special Access
$28,000 (Rhodes)

Mechitzah (4)
$2,800 each (2 reserved)

Siddur Cabinet
$3,600 (Gillmeister)

Ark cover (year)
$12,000 (Armin)

Ark cover (holidays) $12,000

Bima Cover (year-'round) $7,700 Bima Cover (High Holidays) $7,700 Pews (4)
$2,500 each
 Individual Seats (16)
$770 each

Pledge Information
I/We hereby pledge to give the sum of $  to help build the new Center for Jewish Life. I/We have delineated above the dedication(s) we have selected for our pledge.

I will pay off our pledge: 

We will pay by:  

Personal Information
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