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Seder RSVP

  • As the Corona-virus is constantly evolving and forcing us to change our plans and the way we live, please realize that all events on this site are subject to change, based on the current situation. If you pay for an event that is canceled, we will refund your money.

    That said. If you have to celebrate Passover at home, alone or with your immediate family, we will help you plan your Seder and help you acquire all the necessary items. Just email us the [email protected] and we'll assist you. 

    Looking for a meaningful Seder that you'll actually enjoy?! There is a seat for you at our warm, interactive, fun Passover Seder table.

    Our Seder is English friendly and not prayer intensive, so everyone feels welcome. Enjoy fine wines, full dinner, and crispy hand-made Shmurah Matzah. The Seder is laced with kabbalistic insights, stories, Jewish humor and traditional songs.

    Celebrate the Holiday of Freedom at a Seder experience you will remember for a lifetime!

    Choose one (or both) of the Seder options below: 

  • >>> First Night's : The famous "90-minute Seder on Cedar" . April 8 at 7:00pm
    The Seder on the first evening is reserved for anyone (kids included!) that want/need to "do the Seder" in record time. Complete Seder and 4 course dinner (brisket, and more) with family-fun activities to keep the children and adults stimulated! The children get to ask (and sing) the "Mah Nishtana".
    Limited space. First-come-first-serve

    >>> Second Night's Seder : The Traditional, "Kivman style" Seder. April 9 at 9:15pm
    The Seder begins later, and incorporates all the traditional customs, explanations and songs .Complete four-course meal including some of Rochy's delectable Passover favorites.


  • Reflecting the economic challenges facing many, we have established a scholarship fund. If you can not afford (part or even all of) the fee, please email the: [email protected] , and he'll arrange it for you, based on available funds.

  • First Seder:

    April 8, 7:30pm: 90-Minute, "Get-Out-Of-Egypt-Quick" Seder
  • Special First Seder pricing

    For the following "groups": Hebrew School & Daycare families AND Chabad Club Members:
  • Second Seder:

    April 9, 9:15pm: Traditional "Seder on Cedar"
  • _________________________________
    Please note: Our actual cost per person is $50. If you can , please donate generously to the Passover fund so we can assist more people.

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    Credit Card
    Please mail check to Chabad, 34 Cedar Street, Milford, MA 01757.
    All payments should be made before the onset of Passover. Please do not bring any payment to the actual Seder.
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