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The Jewish Women's Circle brings together Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.
Summer Women Programs

* Women Book Club Meeting
February 9th at 7pm at Marjorie Kruger's home.
Discuss and enjoy great company while discussing the book "A guide to the perplexed" by Dara Horn
You can join the discussion even if you didn't read or finish the book.
Free admission

Rosh Chodesh Society

Join the club... The Rosh Chodesh Society Club!

Jewish Women get together monthly (on, or around the new month) for a monthly dose of spirituality!

the discussion is led by Rochy Kivman,
And held at Chabad Center, 34 Cedar Street, Milford, MA

for more information and to register, please click here.

To watch an exciting promotional video, please click here.

"Tambourines of Joyous Freedom"
Discover the feminine strength of Miriam. Paint beautiful decorative tambourines to rekindle that unique feminine energy. Light refreshments will be served. Wednesday, December 14, at Chabad. Details here.