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Saturday, August 10
7:00pm - Shaloshudus!
(by reservation only!)
7:54pm - Fast Begins
8:40pm Shabbos ends
9:00pm - Maariv followed by Aicha (Lamentations)

Sunday, August 11
6:00pm - Mincha Services with Tallit & Tefillin 

7:00pm - Special video presentation. For men and women!
Film: "An In-depth look at anti-Semitism"

Admission is Free of charge. RSVP by emailing:

8:24pm - Break Fast
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Tisha B’av is the day when Jews all over the world mourn over our people’s suffering at the hands of our enemies. Our new presentation The Rebbe and anti-Semitism is a most appropriate theme for the day.

Explore the Rebbe’s unique take on the root cause of anti-Semitism and how we should respond to it. Watch as the Rebbe draws from the timeless wisdom of our sages, explaining the hatred and setting forth an ideology to mitigate its unpleasantness.

Join us on 
Sunday, August 11 at 7pm for the screening of this remarkable movie.

Admission is Free of Charge!

Email to RSVP

Mincha Service at 6:15pm.