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Join the Jewish Business Network and you gain entry to an exclusive  business and social organization!  Membership in JBN is key to showcasing  your business to other reputable Jewish Businesses in the region, large and small, who otherwise would be unknown to you or not readily accessible. JBN will provide you with a wide range of business opportunities, information, activities and services which should  contribute to the success of your business.  We will each gain from the JBN, as much as we, as a Jewish Business Community, put forth  — new members, collaboration,  joint advertising, volunteerism, sponsorship, Tzedekah, speakers bureau, hosting events, charitable endeavors, youth
scholarships, philanthropy, Time and Community.


JBN is a project of Chabad Jewish Center, which is led by Rabbi Mendy Kivman, who is well known in our community, region and far beyond.  Rabbi Mendy, known not only for his Torah scholarship but for his hard work and dedication to the Business Leadership in this region; his SmartPhone contact list is coveted.  Enhance your business through networking and schmoozing, learning and laughter… become involved and develop new business contacts:

•  Bi-Monthly Membership Meetings

•  Social Events

•  Committee Participation

•  Marketing Opportunities—Table tops, Handouts, Presentations, Mailings, Website, Ads, Directory (regularly updated), Event Hosting, PR’s, Event sponsorship, Business card exchanges, and Chabad Community events JBN offers you numerous opportunities to market your products or services to the Jewish Business Community at large and to the public via the JBN website: www.GotChabad.com/JBN or call (508) 473-1299 Email: Jbn@gotchabad.com

•  Referral program: Every member is responsible to refer (at least) one new member each year, so that our contacts and network capabilities are continuously growing.

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JBN is a project of the Chabad Jewish Center - 34 Cedar Street, Milford, MA 01757
Tel: (508) 473-1299 Email:
JBN@GotChabad.com WEB: www.GotChabad.com/JBN