This is Rachel Edri. She is the heroin who stalled the terrorist long enough (by feeding them and tending to their wounds) for the elite police forces to come and eliminate the the terrorists. (See the story from an online news outlet, below the video.)

In the video she implores Jewish women and girls to use their "ammunition" - by lighting Shabbos candles.

The video is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

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The story of the heroic Rachel Edri

An Israeli woman who cooked for her Hamas captors was rescued with the help of her police-officer son — who found his mom being held by the throat by an armed terrorist in her home.

The amazing details of the rescue surfaced Tuesday, after Rachel Edri and her husband David had been held captive inside their Ofakim residence, located 25 miles from Gaza, by Hamas terrorists for 20 hours.

The couple’s son, Evi, who is a police officer, would soon become part of the operation that freed the couple.

Evi came to his parents’ home, to find his mother being restrained at the neck by a terrorist who held a grenade in his other hand, threatening to kill her, according to ABC News, who spoke to the family.

Rachel held up five fingers over her face to indicate to her son that there were five captors in the home.

The SWAT team eventually came and took over the rescue.

While in captivity, Rachel made sure to keep her captors well-fed, telling ABC News: “I knew that if they are hungry, they are angry.”

During those hours, Rachel entertained her unwanted guests by cooking, offering cookies and coffee and asking for Arabic lessons.

“I told him I had to inject insulin, trying to distract them… I offered them drinks: Coke Zero, water,” she told Haaretz.

In a bid to buy more time, Rachel began talking and joking around with her captors.

“I said, ‘I’ll teach you Hebrew and you’ll teach me Arabic,'” she told the local outlet. “I understood that it was a matter of life and death.”

Around midnight, the SWAT team stormed the house, overwhelmed the terrorists and the couple was finally rescued.