Hakhel Strong!

  • Yes! I'm want to be a "Hakhel Yid - Jew!"

  • Every seven years is a Hakhel year. In ancient times, during a Hakhel year, Jews would stream to Jerusalem to unite in the Holy Temple, and hear Torah from the king.

    Today, YOU are the king! You have the power to unite Jews .

    Gather together for a lunch, social evening, or book club meeting. Just gather members of the tribe to be together, someone says a short message from the Torah, and inspire each other!

    Watch the video below for more details, then sign up to join the Hakhel Team and commit to "do Hakhel" at least once (or more) during the year 5783.

    "Doing Hakhel" includes, but is not limited to:

    • Organizing a gathering for Jewish people.

    • Sharing a Torah thought or story at the dinner table, business meeting, party or while on an outing.

    • Participating in Torah classes or Jewish events and gatherings where Torah ideas are shared and mitzvos are done.

    By registering to be a "Hakhel Yid" you will receive periodic Hakhel updates and resources, free of charge. 

    Sign up and we’ll give you all the resources you need to make your gatherings a success.

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