The Kiddush...

A Kiddush is a festive, sit-down, informal catered buffet enjoyed at the conclusion of morning services on Shabbos and holidays.

Join us each Shabbos and Holiday afternoon, at approximately 12:30, and enjoy some Challah, (Gefilte) Fish, a smorgasbord of salads, Cholent & desserts. 
Most important of all, spend your Shabbos with good company and share a L'Chaim or two over a glass of water, wine, Vodka, or Scotch.

It is a great way to celebrate - with the community - your birthday, anniversary, other special occasion or commemorate the Yahrzheit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush!

  Sponsor an upcoming Kiddush

Do you have a Birthday, Yahrtzeit, Anniversary ect.?
Share your occasion with your family and friends at the shul.

$180 - Tier I Basic Kiddush
$250 - Tier II Deluxe Kiddush
$360 - Tier III Super Deluxe Kiddush
$500 - Tier IV Super Deluxe Grand Kiddush

Co-sponsor option is sometimes available.
Holidays and special events: Call for information.
Want to celebrate a Bar/Bas Mitzvah: Call for information.

  Recent Kiddush sponsors
  • Sept. 26 - Tishrei 1 -Rosh Hassna: Liz Budman-Kedem
  • Sept. 27 - Tishrei 2 - Rosh Hashana: Jack Kay
  • Oct. 1 - Tishrei 6: Available
  • Oct. 8 - Tishrei 13: Joe Chaulkar

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