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Yizkor book

  • Yom Kippur is the first of four annual Yizkor services. The Yizkor prayers are said in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur, as well as on the last day of each of the Festivals of Sukkos, Passover & Shavu'os. In these prayers we ask G‑d to 'remember' the souls of family and friends who have passed away.

    Yizkor, to remember, also provides us with a special opportunity to connect with our loved ones.
    We can ensure that your loved ones are indeed remembered at these 4 times each year.
    Part of the Yizkor service includes a pledge to tzedakah, charity, a mitzvah done on behalf of the deceased's soul. Another mitzvah is Torah study, which our tradition teaches brings spiritual benefits to the souls in whose merit the Torah is studied.

    With this in mind, we will be creating a Yizkor booklet including the names of our loved ones. Each name will be included in the Yizkor book for $36 (double chai) and will be used to support Torah classes. You create a double mitzvah – tzedakah and Torah study – on behalf of your loved ones.

    Each of the names listed in the Yizkor book will be read aloud at each of the four Yizkor services throughout the year.

    Thank you,
    Chabad House Jewish Center

    P.S. If you are a member of the "Chabad Club" there is no charge to add your loved ones to the Yizkor Book .
    To learn more about becoming a member of the Chabad Club email [email protected] , or click here . Members of the Chabad Club make (minimum) annual, "no-strings" donations of $1560.
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