With the ever-changing conditions due to the corona virus in 2020, please click here for a Seder-To-Go kits!

Chabad House Jewish Center invites you to our...

Passover Seder

Wednesday, April 8, 7pm
90-Minute Community Seder

Thursday, April 9, 9:15pm 
Traditional Family-style Seder


at Chabad House Jewish Center
34 Cedar Street, Milford


Join us for a Passover Seder you will surely remember. Relive the exodus from Egypt, discover the relevance to our daily lives, and enjoy handmade matzah, fine wines and a wonderful dinner spiced with traditional customs and fun-interactive activities.

Choose to join one, or both, Seders. We'd love to see you!


Chabad can assist you...
in acquiring Kosher For Passover wines and Handmade Shmura Matza by clicking here...
And sell your Chametz by clicking here.