A celebration of Jewish pride and unity!!! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Excitement is building, as we prepare to join tens of thousands of fellow Jews for the fun and celebration in Brooklyn, NY.

A delegation from Massachusetts will join Schools, Synagogues, youth-groups and others to take part in this extraordinary experience, as we parade, sing and dance along the main thorough-fare of Eastern Parkway, outside "770".

Joining the thousands of paraders will be over a dozen 54-foot colorful floats displaying scenes of Jewish life, military bands, school marching bands, roaming clowns and more.

A grand concert will be performed by some of the greatest Jewish music talent. Including the "Freilach" band, Chayim Fogelman, and Benny Friedman.

Entertainment will be provided by some of the finest talent, including the "French Twins" acrobat act, and "Bello the clown" from the "Barnum & Bailey" circus! 

The Parade will be followed by a fair which will include rides, shows, food and entertainment.

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The Parade

The Great Parade 5777 will celebrate themes of Jewish pride and unity on a scale that has never been seen before.


nf_0226_334511.JPG Floats
Flat bed trucks up to 54’ long, will carry colorful depictions of Shabbos, the Jewish holidays, Kosher food, Ahavas Yisroel, the land of Israel, Jewish ethics, Joy and Moshiach.

Marching Bands
Led by the US military marchers, bands representing local Jewish day-schools, Yeshivas and organizations will march to the "Jewish beat"!

mini_banners.jpg School Banners 
Over 100 schools and groups will march in the parade holding personal banners proudly. The Parade MC will announce school names and cities for all to cheer
89.jpg Our Favorite Jewish Characters
The cast of Itche Kadoozy, Mitzvah Boulevard, Uncle Moishy and many others will sing, dance and mingle with the crowd!

The Performers

Throughout the Parade, a lineup of sensational entertainers will perform for participants, drawing them into the celebration!


Bello the Clown
Bello Nocks, headline act of the  Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus: "The Greatest Show On Earth" will be a highlight at this year’s Great Parade.

Roaming Performers
A lively troupe of jugglers and clowns will entertain the crowd during the Parade and througout the day.

Uncle Moshie & his Mitzvah Men
Known far and wide for their songs honoring Shabbat, Kosher and Ahavat Yisroel, Uncle Moishy & The Mitzvah Men will sing along as the floats parade down the Parkway.


Benny Friedman
The King of Jewish Music returns for another outstanding performance in honor of Lag Ba’Omer!

Chayim Fogelman 
Just blocks from his childhood home— at the Parade that he marched in as a child—he will take the stage in joyous tribute to Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai


French Twins
Chassidic twins Yaacov and Yisroel will have you on the edge of your seat 
with a comedic routine that will enthrall you and acrobatics that will amaze you!

Shloima Simcha 
Admired by fans and colleagues worldwide, he continues to spread the warmth, energy and inspiration of a new generation. Join us at this epic stop on his amazing journey

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Reservations will close soon, so reserve NOW!

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