Complete Day to Day Itinerary will be forthcoming:
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Please note: Sites/dates may change due to security, time, weather or other considerations. A final itinerary will be forthcoming before the trip.


 > Southern Israel.

  • Jordan River Valley
  • The Dead Sea: Dip/Float on the miraculous waters at the lowest point on earth.
  • Masada: Climb to the top of this archaeological  
  • Eretz Breisheet. Enjoy a camel-back ride. Taste the aromic snacks of the desert and see what desert life is like. 


 >Central Israel

  • Jerusalem. The old and new city.
  • City of David
  • The Kotel - Western Wall
  • Machane Yehuda .
  • The Shuk
  • Kotel Tunnels, An archaeological excavation, closest to the "Holy of Holies".
  • The Hiskia's water tunnels
  • Tel Aviv, the bustling modern Israeli city.
  • Kfar Chabad. Replica of "770" and the largest Matzah bakery in the world. 
  • The Keneset: Israel's parliament & Israel's supreme court.
  • Bethlehem and the tomb of Rachel. ("protected and secured" bus)
  • Hebron and "Me'arat Hamachpeila" the tomb of our patriarchs. ("protected and secured" bus)
  • Visit an army base and speak directly from Israel's bravest citizens.
  • Meet some of Israel's top security trainers and learn first-hand, with hands-on training, how they counter terrorism. 
  • Shilo. The Jews' first capital.

 >Northern Israel 

  • Tzefat: Israel's Mystical city
  • Meron: The burial place of the mystics of the Kabbalah.
  • Private Musical yacht-ride on the Kineret
  • Golan Heights
  • Lebanon & Syrian borders
  • Talmudic Village
  • Gamla
  • Tiberias