Vacation/Shmacation! If you're in town, join us on Monday Dec. 26 at 5:30pm for the Dean college - Menorah lighting... At the Franklin Town Common... At the intersection of Main St. & High St. One block west of the Student Center!


What is Chabad on Campus? Chabad on Campus is a home-away-from home for the Jewish Students at Dean College, as well as: Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Framingham State & Mass Bay.
Chabad anticipates and serves the needs of students on a social, educational and spiritual level. At Chabad, all students are welcome, regardless of background, affiliation, and level of observance.

JSOD Hangin.jpgFriday Night Live: 
Imagine a delicious four-course home-cooked meal, complete with Challah, gefilte fish, chicken soup, and lots more. Imagine a lively and spirited discussion, singing and a great time at no charge. You can stop imagining. THAT'S SHABBAT AT CHABAD!

You don't have to dress up for the occasion and you don't have to recite your Bar-Mitzvah speech. Come and bring a friend!

JSOD guitar in Sukkah.jpgLeadership: At Chabad, JSOD and our other affiliated student groups, students are invited to take leadership roles in their campus communities, helping foster the creation of the next generation of empowered Jewish leadership.

JSOD visit to Jewish NYTradition: At Chabad, students have the ability to discover the warmth and beauty of their heritage, and learn to apply the timeless Jewish principles - at their own pace.

Community: At Chabad, we believe that family and community are vital keys to character building. That's why we open our home to students, helping inspire them with a respect for family values and a deep meaningful concern for the Land and people of Israel.

Future: At Chabad, we believe that Jewish education and meaningful experiences are the grass-roots method to fighting the forces of indifference, apathy and assimilation that face our community today. For there to be a Jewish tomorrow, our students need to have a Jewish today!

Israel: At Chabad we take students on the most amazing Birthright trips, 'nough said!

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