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High Holiday Reservation Form

Services with the Chabad Jewish Center are open to the public. No membership, tickets or payment is required. Every Jewish person is invited.

These service are for Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or any Jew that moves!!!
No background or affiliation required!

You can use this form for the following:

  • Reserve a free seat at any of the High Holiday services.
  • Reserve a spot for one of the "specialty services" (i.e. "Mommy & me", "children's" or the "Kabbalah" Services.)
  • Reserve a spot for Rosh Hashana dinner.
  • Buy a Lulav and Etrog.
  • Reserve for the Sukkah hop.
  • Reserve for SImchat torah celebration.

For all the details; dates and times, about our inspirational, warm and meaningful High Services, please see the High Holiday Services page.

While there are no set charges, donations are warmly welcome in honor of the High Holidays,
please feel free to add a donation to the form below. You can also become a "partner" and receive special benefits throughout the year, by going to our "

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Services will take place at the
DoubleTree Hotel, 11 Beaver Street, Milford.

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Reserve for High Holiday service

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Purchase Lulav/etrog set

3. SEAT RESERVATIONS for Rosh Hashana and/or Yom Kippur
Adults Children
Adult Name 1 Child Name 1
Adult Name 2 Child Name 2
Adult Name 3 Child Name 3
Adult Name 4 Child Name 4
Adult Name 5 Child Name 5
Adult Name 6 Child Name 6
4. Services I/we plan to attend 5. Contribution

Rosh Hashanah Eve, Sept 13, at 6:30 pm
Rosh Hashanah, Sept 14, at 10 AM
Mommy & Me (Daddy's too), 10-11 AM
Children's Service, 11am-12:30pm
Adults' Kabblah Service, at 11am - 12pm
Rosh Hashana Eve, Sept 14, at 6:30 pm
Rosh Hashana, Sept 15, at 10 am
Children's Service, 11 AM
Yom Kippur - Kol Nidrei, Sep 22, at 6:15pm
Yom Kippur Day, Sept 23, at 10 AM
Mommy & Me (Daddy's too), 10-10:45a
Children's Service, 10am-10;45am
Adults' Kabblah Service, at 11am - 11:30
Yom Kippur - Neilah/Break-fast, at 5pm

Admission to services are FREE of charge. No tickets required!
The contribution below is optional; Please note however, that it's with YOUR donation that we can do these free programs for the community.

I would like to contribute:

$100 Single High Holiday Contribution
$190 Couple High Holiday Contribution
$360 Family High Holiday Contribution
$770 Chabad Club Semi-Member
$1540 Chabad Club Membership
(Special benefits throughout the year)
Other/any amount: $

Important notice: While worldwide Chabad Lubavitch is globally bound in its beliefs and aspirations, each center is an independent entity and financially self-supporting. Every penny we receive comes from people in the community and goes directly to this local Chabad's operating budget ($350,000 annually). Your contribution will allow us to provide great educational programs for young and old.
Please consider joining the Chabad Club too!

6. Rosh Hashana Dinner Reservations 7. Lulav & Etrog

Yes, of us would like to join you for dinner on 1st night or 2nd night of Rosh Hashana.
Suggested donation Adults: $25 | Children: $10
College Students: FREE of charge!

It is a Mitzvah to bless the Lulav & Etrog each day during the holiday of Sukkot.
Yes, I'd like to order
Lulav/Etrog set(s).
Cost: $36/set

8. Sukkah Dinner 8. Simchat Torah: Happy Feet | Oct. 16, 7pm

Yes, of us would like to join you for the Sukkah dinner party ( info here) at 6pm, on
Sun, Sept. 27
Mon, Sept. 28
Fri, Oct. 2

Cost: Adults: $15 | Children: $8 | max per family $36

Yes, of us would like to join for Simchas Torah party.
Admission: FREE of charge.

Help Chabad continue to help others with your optional generous contribution!
Amounts to be charged (if any):

High Holiday Donation (Optional)

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Rosh Hashana Dinner
Sukah Dinner
Lulav / Etrog set
Building Fund Donation:
Be a part of it! (Info click here.)

Total charges

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Services are free of charge, but if any payments are due from optional items above, how would you like to pay?
I'm paying by Credit Card (use this form blow)
Check is in the mail: Please mail to Chabad, 34 Cedar Street, Milford, MA 01757
CC Type Card #:
Exp. Date Billing address
Billing zip 3 digit id (CVV)

For more info about all the High Holidays check out For Partnership options, click here.