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Sukkot Schedule .

Complete Sukkot & Simchat Torah schedule!

Reserve for the "Torah workshop" here . And the Women's "Salad-in-the-Sukkah" here. And Adult's Soup-in-the-sukkah here .

Sukkot/Simchat Torah
Sunday Sept 23  

Evening Service:

Dinner in the sukkah:



Monday, Sept 24 & Friday, Sept 28  
  Dinner in the sukkah 5:45pm
Monday, Tuesday & Saturday: Sept. 24, 25 & 29  
  Morning Services, followed by kiddush/lunch in the sukkah 10:00am
Wednesday, Sept. 26  
  "Deli On Cedar... In the Sukkah": Eat-in or Take-out.
(Complete menu and ordering instructions, here.)
Sunday, Sept. 30  
  "Sukkah Lab"
For Children and Families
  College student's dinner and bonfire in the sukkah 5:45pm
Friday, Oct, 21  
  Jewish Business Lunch in the Sukkah 12:30pm
Sunday, Sept. 30  
  Solidarity with Israel - Service and mini-Hakafot
Monday, Oct. 1  
  M O N D A Y N I G H T L I V E
Huge Holiday dinner (sushi, cold-cuts, knishes & more), party & dancing (
details here)
Monday & Tuesday: Oct. 1 & 2  
  Morning Holiday Services each day 10:00am
  Monday, Oct. 1: Yizkor Memorial during the service 11:00am
  Tuesday, Oct. 2: Huge Kiddush during services 10:30am
Tuesday, Oct 14:  
  End-of-holiday "Farbrengen" & Havdalah 6:00pm
Candle Lighting for the whole Holiday:  
  Sunday, Sept. 23: 6:24pm
  Monday, Sept. 24 | Light from a pre-existing flame, AFTER: 7:21pm
  Holiday Part-1 ends, Tues., Sept. 25: 7:19pm
  Friday, Sept. 28 : 6:15pm
  Sunday, Sept. 30: 6:11pm
  Monday, Oct 1 | Light from a pre-existing flame, AFTER: 7:09pm
  Holiday ends, Tuesday, Oct. 2: 7:07pm

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