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Simchat Torah

Join us for an evening of singing, dancing and dinner celebrating Simchat Torah.

There will be a special children’s program full of fun, games and more.

► Monday, October 1 
Huge holiday Dinner (including, cold cuts, Farnks-'n-blanks, matza balls, Kugels & Knishes, & more) at: 5:45pm
Kid's program: Dinner 5:45pm | Family Program: 6:15-6:45pm
Simchat Torah Main Celebration: 6:45pm

No Charge!
This dinner is sponsored by Bracha Gillmeister, in memory of the very special, Steven Gillmeister... May his memory be a blessing!

Click here to reserve for the Dinner/Party.

For more information please call 508-473-1299 or email

Complete Holiday Schedule:
Shmeni Atzeret
Sunday, Sept. 30
  Light candles 6:11pm
  Evening Services followed by Kiddush & Israeli-style Hakafot 6:00pm
Monday, October 1
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Yizkor Memorial Services 11:00am
Simchat Torah
  Please join the community for a Simchat Torah Celebration. An evening of food, dancing, singing, and L'Chaim and a huge amount of joy! Special program and prizes for the kids.
Monday, October 1  
  Huge Community Dinner
(sponsored by Bracha Gillmeister!)
  Kids program 6:15-6:45pm
  Light Candles after 7:09pm
  Evening Services & Hakafot 7:00pm
Tuesday, October 2
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Huge Brunch & Hakafot
(sponsored by Jeff & Cindy Katz!)
  End-of-Holiday Farbrengen  6:00pm
   Holiday ends  7:07pm