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The Reading of the Ten Commandments is the essence of Shavuot; it is the commemoration of the moment G‑d gave the Torah and we became a nation. Please join us with your entire family as we relive this awesome moment together.

Friday, May 29  

6 pm: reading of the 10 commandments, followed by a dairy

5:30 pm: Reading of the 10 commandments, followed by a hue Dairy dinner & Ice Cream party.

Learn more about the 10 commandments, by clicking here .

6:00 pm: Second reading of the "Top 10" followed by a huge Ice Cream party and dairy bufet 

at Chabad House Jewish Center 
34 Cedar Street 
Milford, MA


For more information please call 508-473-1299 or email us.

Learn more about the ten commandments by clicking here.