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The all-night study will begin by delving into a TORAH STUDIES class "The Day G‑d Gave Us The Torah... Or NOT?!" Mkaing sense of the holiday of Shavu'os

Presenters include: In formation...
Would you like to present? Email [email protected] if interested.

David Shear, Nina Gursha, Joe Chaulkar, Rabbi Mendy, Aharon Rosenkrantz, Bracha Gillmeister...

We hope to see you there!

Following the presentation, you may stay on for as long as you like to study various Torah topics.

Plenty of Coffee, tea and light refreshments will be available throughout the night.

Admission is FREE of charge! 
Reservations are requested. Email [email protected].

Jews throughout the world observe the centuries-old custom of conducting an all-night vigil dedication to Torah learning on the first night of Shavuot.

For more information please call 508-473-1299 or email us.