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Schedule of Services 
Sunday, May 16
6:30 pm Pre-Holiday Zoom Class/Get-Together
7:44 pm Candle Lighting
8:40 pm Evening services
10:45 pm All Night Learning at Chabad or at your home (coffee & refreshments will be served!)
Monday, May 17
10:45 am Morning Services (Reservations are a MUST!)
5:30 pm Ice Cream Party, Dairy buffet, cheescakes... Reservations are required!
8:51 pm Candle lighting (Only after this time, and only light from a pre-existing flame)
8:50 Evening service
Tuesday, May 18
10:45 am Morning Services (Reservations are a MUST!)
11:30 am Yizkor Memorial Services (Reservations are a MUST!)
7:45 pm End-Of-Holiday Farbrenen
8:53 pm Holidy ends.
9:15 pm Havdalah via Zoom. Email for link.