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Chabad Men's Israel Experience... Discover your roots.

About the Trip

8 days of sightseeing and soul-searching, connecting with our heritage through an unforgettable immersion in our promised land. From visiting historical attractions to meeting leaders, this is not only a trip, but a total experience.

Following on the heels of the outstanding successful women's trip last year, Chabad's renowned voyage to Israel will once again embark on a journey to the heart and soul of the Holy Land. Consider joining us in March 2017 for what promises to be a lifetime experience.


» Testimonials

"Thank you again for an amazing, life-altering experience...I can't stop talking about what a wonderful trip we had."
Rachel S.

"I want to thank Chabad for putting on such a wonderful trip and giving me the opportunity to share with my family and each of you, memories of a lifetime."
Ken L.

"Congratulations on planning and carrying out a spiritually very meaningful trip to Israel...such a spiritually uplifting experience."
Amy M.

"We have been to Israel twice before but this trip was well beyond anything we have ever experienced! The professionalism and courtesy of group leaders, the superb educational component, and the five-star ambiance were unparalleled!" 
Susan G.

"Thank you for a most memorable and inspiring journey to Israel. This has been the most uplifting Jewish experience of my life. Please let me know when you plan on running your next Mission.  My husband and our friends want to join." 
Dr. Sarah B.


This trip is gonna be "Wicked Awesome!!!"