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Matzah & Wine

Matzah & Wine


Shop For Passover (Purple)

Hand Made "Shmurah Matzah" & Kosher for Passover wine are available through the Chabad Center

To order, simply send an e-mail to, or call (508) 473-1299 and include:

  • your name | address | phone number

  • number of boxes (i.e. pounds) of matzah

  • number of bottles, and choice of wine.

The Shmurah Matzah comes in

  • Israeli Matzah: 1 pound box, and cost $16.

  • NY Matzah: 1 or 2 pound box, and cost $23 per pound.

The Kosher for Passover wines come in three varieties:

  • "Farbrengen" - Sweet (Big bottle - Very low alcohol content)
    (1.5 Liter) $15

  • Kesser Eminent Dry
    (750 ML) $9.00

  • Moscato D'asti - Sweet White Italian Wine
    (750 ML) $15

    REd Muscatini- Semi-Sweet Italian Wine
    (750 ML) $15

These special prices are only available for a limited time. Prices are subject to change.

Supply is VERY limited. PLEASE ORDER EARLY! After receiving your order, we will notify you when to come pick it up.


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