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Chanukah 5777

Chanukah 5777


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Sunday, December 25, 4-7pm


Monday, December 26, 5:30pm
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Photos from Sunday, December 18
  Wednesday, December 28, 10am



Enjoy a delicious NY Style deli sandwich or other delicacy.
Soup, Sandwiches, Knishes, drinks, desserts, and more.
We'll be open for take-out from 2-7pm and eat-in will be available from 4-7pm
A chanukah celebration will take place at 4:45pm
3rd Candle | Monday, December 26 - 5:30 pm
Grand Menorah Lighting - On the Franklin Town Common. A road over from the Student Center at Dean College.
Amazing food, Lively Music, entertainment, Multi-media presentation and more

4th Candle | Monday, December 27 - 6 pm
Join us for an amazing evening of Chanukah entertainment, lively music, latkes, donuts, crafts and much more.

Starts Dec. 24 | Ends Jan. 1
A synopsis of the local Chanukah events, for children, Teens, Singles, Couples, and Seniors!
Home Depot Workshop, Story Hour, Lego Menorah Holliston, Franklin Town Menorah, Paint night and dinner, Milford Menorah, Shabbat/Chanukah dinner, Cafe Chabad, Chanukah in the mall...
Wednesday, December 28 - 10:30am
A free story hour
at the
Franklin Town Library
Open to everyone

6th Candle | Thursday, December 29 - 6:30 pm | Must RSVP!
Release your Inner Picasso at the Muse Paintbar, @ Patriot Place.

Enjoy a delicious Chanukah Italian dinner, with Pasta's cheeses wine and deserts, and a menorah lighting too!
7th Candle | Friday, December 30, 3:15 PM
6th candle LIGHTING followed by four-corse Shabbat dinner, and fun for adults and children! LIGHTING IS FREE OF CHARGE... THERES A MINIMAL CHARGE TO JOIN THE DINNER

7th Candle | Friday, December 30 - 3:30 pm | Must RSVP!
Chanukah - Shabbat family dinner at Chabad House Jewish Center.
Full 4-course Shabbat dinner including all the Shabbat & Chanukah favorites.

use our built-in greeting card designer
Write and send a Chanukah greeting card to all your family and friends, with the click of a button... Best part is, it is completely FREE of charge!
Invite your friends to do the same.

You can find anything and everything related to Chanukah right here. The traditions, stories, delicious Chanukah recipes, and more are just a click away.

Give some "Chanukah Gelt"
Partner with Chabad by giving the traditional gift of Chanukah gelt, enabling us to share the joy of Chanukah with the entire community.

Various dates throughout Chanukah
The Sunshine Club will be offering Chanukah Festivals at senior homes. All seniors are welcome to join – you need not be a member of the senior center to participate in the Sunshine Club Festival.

1st Candle | Saturday, December 24 - 6:30 PM | Must RSVP!
Join us and have some grand Chanukah fun. From delicious Kosher Pizza to the showing of an awesome "Kosher Movie," this is an event (for adults and teens) you don’t want to miss.

Sunday, Dec. 18 | Register online
For Children and families!
Home Depot Menorah workshop.
Build a Menorah and place it on your car... and/or front lawn...