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Support For Chanukah

Support For Chanukah

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Celebrating 13 Years of Outdoor Chanukah Festivals

Support our Chanukah EventsDear Friend:

You’ve heard the adage “a little light dispels much darkness”.

But just how much? This year, Chabad will be celebrating 16 years of outdoor Chanukah Festivals and giant Menorah Kindlings. Thirteen years of spreading the warmth and light of our beautiful traditions with passers-by, strangers, and communities beyond our own.

How effective has this little light been? We pioneered the first ever outdoor menorah lightings in many of the local towns. Overnight, a sensation was born and the Jewish community responded overwhelmingly. Acting upon the encouraging sentiments, Chabad took the initiative to add a new town to the list of Chanukah celebrations each year. You know the rest of that story!

Indeed, it is impossible to gauge the immeasurable acts of goodness that have been generated, or the lives that have been forever touched. Were it only for the little girl, who while grocery shopping with her mom suddenly proclaims, “look Mom, a Menorah in the middle of the store!”; or the hundreds, maybe thousands of motorists who see the Chabad car menorahs illuminating the roadways; our efforts have been met with enthusiasm, appreciation, and even a tearful hug.

This year, we invite you to celebrate 13 years of outdoor festivals as we host a many Chanukah Extravaganzas at the Chabad Center and various other spots throughout the community. This year,for the first time ever, we doing "Chanukah On Ice!" At Blackstone Valley Ice Rink in Hopedale, MA.

Hundreds of voices will echo the Chanukah Songs at Chanukah events; thousands of visitors to local City Hall’s and commons and dozens of local markets will experience a rush of pride at seeing the Menorah exhibit. And no, we haven't forgotten the elderly either. Our Sunshine Club volunteers will be conducting parties in senior homes and hospitals throughout the community.

We are kindling the lights. We are kindling the hearts and souls of a community. We are kindling the sparks of unity that make us “family”.

I appeal to you to be our partner in this valued work. Share the nachas of community after community coming together to celebrate this holiday in a most proud and public way. Without your support none of this would be possible.

Please send Chabad some Chanukah gelt. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Please  click here to make an on-line contribution. Thank you so much for your support. May G‑d bless you with a happy and most joyous Chanukah for you and your family and may peace, tranquility and goodness light up the world.

Sincerely Yours, 
Rabbi Mendy Kivman 

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